Together We Can

Build a World Free of Generational Poverty and Illness

Who We Are

We are a mother and daughter who have been on a unique journey that has led us to make our life’s mission to assist those in need, those who are poor in spirit, poor in health or living in  overwhelming impoverishment.

Our original focus was helping educate people to maintain good health or recover good health through lifestyle changes.  We have assisted over 2500 people with free lifestyle counseling, and health education that has encouraging them to shift their health for the better.

We are thankful that God’s Spirit has put it on our hearts to expand our mission not only to assist those poor in health,  but also experiencing poverty and unfortunate life circumstances.  

Brandi Sturdivant, President of TAFES
Brandi Sturdivant, Pres
Beth Sturdivant, Vice President of TAFES
Beth Sturdivant, VP

TAFES in Action

Our Programs


— Basic Necessities

We provide tents, sleeping bags, blankets, clothing, on hygiene items, and food to those living on the streets or in shelters.  


— The Dignity Experience

We will provide a minimum of a one night stay in a private room, a place to wash clothes and take showers, a haircut and a new outfit. A dining out experience with the homeless individual will give us the opportunity to get to know them better and to offer lifestyle counseling to help them get off the street permanently.


— After the Holiday Meal

Since so many non-profits provide meals on the holidays, we have created a program to provide hot meals and fellowship after the major holidays. 


— Little Helper Program

We provide cleaning, organization, errand running, small repairs and yard maintenance services to those with chronic disabilities, the elderly and those without means or family to provide such services.


— Lifestyle Counseling

We offer free lifestyle counseling to those looking to live in a healthier way, learning about nutrition, preventative measures and physical, mental and spiritual well-being.


— Sponsor A Family

For those newly off the streets and in a new permanent residence, we will help supply the home with basic appliances, bed frames, mattresses, towels, curtains, sheets, groceries, etc.

How We Are Serving

Hydration Station Health Store

We ran a successful water store in Pineville, NC for 4 years until COVID-19 happened.   Unfortunately we had to close our doors at that time.  The store had great impact by educating the community about healthy lifestyle practices, supplementation, and clean water.  We would like to implement the same concept via a truck that can travel and provide fresh hot food and other necessities to those in need.  We will be doing Fundraisers and Seeking Grants in 2022 to make this a reality!

The Homeless Mission - 100 and Counting

We have successfully connected with over 100 homeless individuals in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding area, providing them with winter essentials. Thanks to in-kind donations, we have made and distributed 100 wellness bags packed with brand new scarves, hats, gloves, socks, snacks, Hot Hands, a tote bag and many more items. We are partnering with other local non-profits to find and reach those in real need of such items.

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