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We Are United in Our Dedication to Meeting the Basic Needs of a Human.

Who We Are

We work together with our dedicated Board Members, and committees to help those less fortunate in our communities

We help provide essentials, helping hands, and lifestyle education to improve peoples current situations and provide solutions that are meant to propel them forward, by equipping them with resources and tools to improve their lives. Our goal is to always meet people where they are and direct them to the proper resources that are beneficial for them to reach their next level. Everyone on our Board and on our committees are not only people who walk the walk but also talk the talk.  We ensure that everyone has a heart for serving others without judgement.

The Board

Our Approach

We Meet the Basic Needs of our Community

We pride ourselves in serving the community directly.  What does that mean, that means we get out on the streets and serve by building  relationships with the people, and getting to know them and their needs.

We conduct one on one lifestyle counseling for those who are seeking to live healthier lifestyles that prevent poverty and illness.  We set up educational resources that are accessible and meet people where they are at on their journey.

We will always seek to be hands on, deliver all donations and wisely shop for the items they need.  Our board is very involved in participating in all the programs we have created and building relationships with those in need in the communities we serve. We believe this shows love and compassion which in turn goes a long way in the hearts of those we assist. 

The 2022 Calendar will be full of home cooked meals delivered, as well as fundraising activities that volunteers and benefactors can participate in to help lend a hand in serving these communities.

Our Mission

A world without victims of generation patterns causing poverty and illness.

Our Vision

The Academy For Environmental Sickness provides emergency assistance to people who are experiencing poverty, hardships, and chronic illness by giving necessities, addressing the root causes, sharing tools, and educational resources to create true rehabilitation.

Our Core Values

  • Respect:  We believe all people should be treated with Dignity & Respect
  • Mentorship:  We believe all people need a support system to reach true potential.
  • Unity:  We believe that to accomplish a better world we must work together.
  • Understanding:  To meet people where they are at and encourage growth.
  • Learning:  We believe that continuous education is essential for creating healthier habits and lifestyles.

Committee Leaders


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