We Lend Our Time

Helping the Less Fortunate Reach Their Full Potential

How We Do it?


— Building

We locate the individuals in our community who truly need our help by building one on one relationships to determine what is required to bring homeless people from helplessness to hope.


— Networking

We develop relationships and build strategic alliances with other non-profit organizations and businesses providing services to the homeless community, making ourselves available to help them achieve their goals.


— Strengthening

We morally strengthen the belief in humanity among those who have lost hope, providing them with the tools, resources and connections required to promote recovery and inspire hope.


— Educating

We encourage and educate those seeking to make lifestyle changes, by preparing them to permanently escape homelessness. This preparation may include health education, financial literacy, and mental/spiritual health education. As we partner with experts in the various fields to optimize the chance of personal success.


— Caring

Home checks and care of the elderly and chronically ill. Care packages and food for those living on the street in North and South Carolina, Florida and Kentucky. Your donations will help us expand this outreach.


— Counseling

We counsel and give emotional support to individuals, listening to them and understanding their emotional needs, helping them to change attitudes that hold them back from positive outcomes.

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Who We Care For!

Homeless man holding a sign
The Homeless

Our goal is to meet the homeless where they are, and show them kindness that may propel them forward.  We hope to provide action steps that can change their situation while providing basic necessities for their survival on the streets.

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The Barbara Green Memorial Fund - For The Elderly

The elderly are the pillars of our communities, and we can learn much from them. They are a great source of wisdom, knowledge and experience, but are often lonely and starved for friendship. We befriend and help the elderly by assisting with chores around their homes and running errands they cannot afford or do themselves.

The Chronically Ill

We provide free consultations to evaluate the needs of the chronically ill, enabling us to provide them with resources like transportation, food services, shopping and prescription pick-up. In addition, a listening ear and providing comfort enhances their well-being.

Single Parents

We offer help for single parents by providing critical life skills, budgeting, nutritional and parental education to increase outcomes for happy, healthy and successful parenthood.

Newly Established from Homelessness

We provide financial counseling to ensure formerly homeless individuals are prepared to maintain their new home long term. We instruct them in the basics of building and establishing credit, smart grocery shopping, nutrition and meal preparation. We also provide basic home goods and supplies to get a newly established individual started.

Veterans In Need

We provide resources to veterans facing chronic illness or homelessness. We also provide discounted nutritional product that may improve their health.

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